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Never miss another drop with PanAIO


Our software offers a checkout automation service built with unique high performance methods.

The simplicity of the interface allows anyone to use the software very easily.


PanAIO is built to ensure the best user experience to help you improve your botting experience

Captcha solver

Featuring autosolve and proxy support

Release section

Check the new releases directly from the bot

Account generator

Create unlimited accounts for supported websites


Track all your successes

Test proxy

Check the speed of your proxy on the selected sites

Quick task

Create your task quickly by clicking on the link


ALL IN ONE, we support an ever-increasing variety of sites

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A list of frequently asked questions

How much does the bot cost?

The bot has a renewal fee of 40€ + VAT every month

What operating systems are supported?

PanAIO currently supports Windows devices

Where can i receive support for my product?

By purchasing a license you will also be invited to our dedicated Discord support server. In the Discord server you will receive tutorials, guides, tips, release help and dedicated support from our staff

Quicktasks documentation

You can find our documentation here


Feel free to contact us for any project idea or collaboration